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Terrestrial microcosms platform

The Microcosms platform available in spring 2014 at the European Ecotron of Montpellier will house 12 identical and independent growth chambers. These growth chambers will allow to experiment on a variety of ecological systems, from populations to small soil microcosms as well as with small ecosystems driven by photosynthetic organisms. These custom-made growth chambers will have a volume of 2 m3 and a working area of 1 m2. They possess a unique external zenithal light compartment allowing the use of various types of lamps, such as plasma lamps or modular spectrum LED panels. These 12 chambers will allow to condition the environment for temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and 13C. Gas exchange measurements could be done on microcosms conditioned in each chamber either using a custom-made photosynthesis chamber connect to a LiCor 6400 or by inserting the microcosms into 6 gas exchange chambers environmentally conditioned in an separate growth chamber and connected to various analyzers.

For further details on the Terrestrial microcosms facility, please consult the technical data sheet and/or contact Olivier Ravel and Jacques Roy at Ecotron Montpellier.