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Mesocosms platform

The Mesocosms platform currently under development at the European Ecotron of Montpellier will house up to 24 mesocosm-sized controlled environment units to be installed on an open air terrace with adjacent technical rooms. Following the same principle of operation as the one already tried and tested successfully in the Macrocosms platform, the experimental mesocosm units (typically hosting lysimeters of up to 1m2, 2 m depth, 2 m canopy height) will allow the simulation and measurements of wide range of environmental scenarios while benefiting of higher replication, more accurate flux measurements as well as possibility for CO2 control below ambient atmospheric concentration and continuous 13C labeling. Designed as a flexible equipment, each unit will allow for ecosystem-level measurements of CO2, H2O and CH4 fluxes (in open or close gas exchange mode), modular soil compartment (to accommodate various sizes) and choice of light source (natural sunlight or solar simulator plasma lamps) The first 12 experimental units will be installed in 2014.

For further details on the Mesocosms facility, please consult the technical data sheet and/or contact Olivier Ravel and Jacques Roy at Ecotron Montpellier.