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The research infrastructure Ecotrons was officially approved by CNRS in 2009 and is composed of two parters, the European Ecotron of Montpellier (UPS 3248 CNRS) and the Ecotron IleDeFrance (UMS 3194, CNRS-ENS). Institutions supporting and managing the research infrastructure are the CNRS (75%) and the Ecole normale supérieure de Paris (ENS, 25%). The legal status of the research infrastructure is based on a consortium agreement signed between the CNRS and ENS which sets the context of the operation and development of this distributed research infrastructure.

The governance system of the research infrastructure is divided into a steering committee, an international scientific board, an executive team (science and technical directors of each Ecotron), and a panel of experts providing scientific and technical advices to each Ecotron. Each Ecotron has a project committee in charge of selecting research projects, some internal regulations and a user charter.

Steering committee

Representatives of CNRS et ENS: Gabriel Chardin – President of TGIR-IR program at CNRS ; Stéphanie Thiébault – Science Director of CNRS INEE ; Dominique Joly – Adjunct Science at CNRS INEE in charge of infrastructures ; Yves Laszlo – Science Director at ENS.

Representatives of funding bodies : Conseil régional Languedoc-Roussillon, Conseil régional d’Ile-de-France.

International scientific committee

Jay Arnone, Desert Research Institute Reno Nevada (ecosystem ecology) Dries Bonte, Ghent University (community ecology and evolution) - new member; Mark Gessner, Leibnitz Institute Berlin (aquatic ecology) - new member; Bernhard Schmid, Zurich University (plant and diversity ecology); Nadine Lebris, Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6 (marine ecology and biogeochemistry); Irène Till-Bottraud, CNRS UMR Geolab Clermont-Ferrand (plant genetics) - new member; Bernard Genty, CNRS at CEA Cadarache (plant physiology); Jean-Marc Guehl, INRA UMR Ecologie et Ecophysiologie Forestières (plant ecophysiology) - new member; Philippe Normand, CNRS UMR Ecologie Microbienne, Lyon (microbial ecology).