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Patents and products

The Ecotrons produced:

  • Patent Ecolab CESBRON-CNRS-ENS No. 08 05951. This patent protects the design and all the integrated climate functions and the software dedicated to Ecolab equipment (Ecotron IleDeFrance).
  • Patent Ecorium CESBRON-CNRS-ENS No. 08 05950. This patent protects the expertise and specificity of the receptacle of ecosystems (lysimeter) of the Ecolab (Ecotron IleDeFrance).
  • Patent Ecolux CESBRON-CNRS-ENS No. 08 06332. This patent protects the concept of matrix LED lighting and methodology of composition of a light spectrum to the wishes of the users of Ecolab (Ecotron IleDeFrance).
  • Patent CNRS-ENS-CESBRON No. 13 182 550.7. This patent protects a gas pressure regulating device of a closed chamber with temperature variations dedicated to Ecotron IleDeFrance.
  • Registered design (STRADER-CNRS) of a growth chamber (EcoPhyt) developed in collaboration between Ecotron de Montpellier and Strader company.