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Costs and collaboration contracts

Costs of experiments

Research infrastructures in France are fully accessible to public and private research institutions, and thus represent an essential element of competitiveness for French research and industry. Yet, all research projects have their costs and some of these costs must be charged to users to ensure the functioning, maintenance and upgrading of our equipments. The total Ecotron cost of the project will be indicated to the PI. It will include the operating cost of the experimental platform, the cost of implementing specific procedures for the project, the cost of consumables specific to the project and the cost of provision of Ecotrons personnel. This later cost will not be charged to projects proposed by public institutions. However, assistance from technicians or scientists from the research consortium may be required during the time duration of the project.

In order to allow users to understand the total costs of running experiments in the Ecotrons, the standard fees for public and private users of one unit from each platform are provided below. Standard fees are calculated by the CNRS according to internal rules and do not include the sampling costs or the costs needed to prepare, transport and install the study system under investigation in the Ecotron platform. Fees charged to individual users during a research project will be calculated according to the type of legal entities involved in the project (public and private users) and the collaboration agreement signed between those entities and the host Ecotron platform.

Fees for the use of experimental units (€ per day of use)
Platform Unit Public users Private users
Macrocosms One macrocosm 30 200
Ecolabs One environmental chamber 45 250
Mesocosms One mesocosm 15 60
Aquatic microcosms Laboratory chemostats (13 units, single system) 55 120
Aquatic microcosms Laboratory chemostats (4 units, double systems) 55 120
Aquatic microcosms Open-top microcosms (12 units, 1 climate chamber) 45 350
Terrestrial microcosms One growth chamber (with external gas or isotopes analysers) 7 (12) 25 (50)
Instrumentation Flow cytometer 65 100
Instrumentation Autoanalyzer 320 500
Instrumentation Spectrophotometer 165 200

Collaboration contracts

Different possibilities are offered to users, including public and private companies involved in research and innovation projects wishing to protect their intellectual property on the products and results derived from their projects. A list of all official contract forms is available from the CNRS website.

The research collaboration is the most frequent type of cooperation agreement signed between the CNRS and an industrial partner when both entities will collaborate to produce a result. The services contract is better suited when the industrial partner makes use of an existing equipment, there is no know-how transfer and the results of the services are the industrial property. In the latter case, the total cost of the project will be covered by the industrial partner.