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Regional Council of Ile-de-France

In the international landscape of research, the Region Ile-de-France has strength in most areas of excellence. Given the importance of the scientific potential of the region, the Regional Council wanted to develop a policy of its own, while being attentive to enroll in a national framework. It now supports research through priorities defined by Domaines d’intérêt majeurs (DIM), a framework to support innovative projects from laboratories of the region that would require a significant investment in material resources and should be implemented with the logic of a research and training network. The Ecotron IleDeFrance benefits from substantial funding from the Regional Council of Ile-de-France during the development of the Ecolab prototype (grant 2005-098 for the creation of CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance) and during the construction of the next Ecotron building (grant 2011-11017735). These funds are managed through the "Research Network on Sustainable Development" which coordinates the research projects in environmental sciences and the ecology in Region.

Conseil régional d'Ile-de-France

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