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Program "Investissements d’avenir"

Because the pace of innovation must increase in France , because higher education must be supported in its mission to become an engine of growth, and because research and development is essential for the development the country , the French government has chosen to invest significantly in research in 2010 in order to increase our growth potential in five strategic areas. These five strategic areas identified as "priority" by the government are higher education and training, research, industrial sectors and small businesses, sustainable development and digital revolution. The IR Ecotrons receives significant funding from this Investissement d’avenir program for the Excellence Equipment project "National Experimental Platform in Aquatic Ecology" coordinated by Ecole normale supérieure and the National Biology Infrastructure project AnaEE-France "Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems - France" coordinated by CNRS Institute of Ecology and Environment in collaboration with INRA.

Investissements d'avenir

See online : http://investissement-avenir.gouver...