Take a tour at Ecotron de Montpellier

L’Ecotron situé près de Montpellier est une plateforme de recherche expérimentale européenne qui permet d’étudier le fonctionnement des écosystèmes, des organismes et de la biodiversité, en réponse à des modifications de l’environnement...

Un film de Marcel Dalaise, produit par CNRS Images (2010, 5 min)

Welcome to the website of French Ecotrons

The Ecotrons is an official Research Infrastructure from the CNRS in partnership with Ecole normale supérieure de Paris. Its mission is to provide the scientific community with innovative and technologically advanced experimental platforms to advance knowledge of ecosystems functioning under various environmental conditions and to develop and test ecological theories and models. Prediction of the fate of ecosystems in different global change scenarios and the development of ecological engineering are also among the major objectives of this infrastructure. These scientific breakthroughs are a fundamental step in the understanding of natural and artificial ecological systems, and will allow for various applications such as modeling the role of living compartments in the regulation of fluxes. This website is dedicated to the permanent call for experimental ecosystem and biodiversity research projects using the Ecotrons. You can find more detailed technical information and regular news about the different members of the Ecotrons Research Infrastructure on their respective websites.

AnaEE France has a new web site

AnaEE France (Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems - France) is a national research infrastructure for the study of continental ecosystems and their biodiversity.