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Advanced experimentation on ecosystems

Our mission is to provide experimental tools to understand the functioning of ecosystems, organisms and biodiversity in response to environmental changes Experimentation on ecosystems is a (...)

A national infrastructure in ecology/agronomy/environmental sciences

The Ecotrons is an official Research Infrastructure of the CNRS still under construction but some of our exceptional facilities are already operational. It is also listed on the roadmap of (...)

National and international integration

By taking the initiative to build a new generation of Ecotrons after the first generation in the UK and the USA in the 90s, the CNRS has taken a leadership on these large research infrastructures (...)


The research infrastructure Ecotrons was officially approved by CNRS in 2009 and is composed of two parters, the European Ecotron of Montpellier (UPS 3248 CNRS) and the Ecotron IleDeFrance (UMS (...)